Commit e736a263 authored by Colomban Wendling's avatar Colomban Wendling
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Bot: place pawns

parent 98c6e5b1
......@@ -96,9 +96,18 @@ public class Bot : OVCCClient.Client
/* we should place a pawn? let's do so */
sigqueue.add (this, place_pawn.connect ((tile) => {
sigqueue.add (this, place_pawn.connect ((pos) => {
debug ("We're asked to place a pawn!");
var tile = game.board.get_tile (pos);
if (tile == null) {
critical ("We were asked to place a pawn somewhere there is no tile");
foreach (var o in tile.objects) {
if (player.place_pawn (OVCC.PawnKind.NORMAL, o, pos)) {
debug ("Placed pawn at %d %d", pos.x, pos.y);
/* we guess all pawns can go anywhere another can -- which isn't true
* using some extensions, but it doesn't matter that much. */
/* FIXME: this should probably also be asynchronous... */
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