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......@@ -11,6 +11,12 @@ Written in Python, it needs at least python 3.2 for the ThreadPools.
On Debian Wheezy the package is `python3`.
Some checks are implemented using Nagios' checks,
available under Debian in package `nagios-plugins-basic`.
The DNS zone check calls [Bortzmeyer's](
(introduced [here](
......@@ -25,13 +31,22 @@ Usage
Everything can be configured from base tick, hosts and checks.
Everything can be configured from notified email(s), base tick, hosts and checks.
The `base_tick` option defines the base granularity (in seconds) for polling.
`Host`s are shorthands to avoid repeating addresses within checks.
Checks are then defined as a list of `Check`-derived class instances that
implement every single check (see lib/
Each check may be initialised with some options:
* `every`: run every `every` × `base_tick` seconds;
* `retry`: number of retries before considering a failure (so failure is after `every` × (`retry`+1) × `base_tick` seconds;
* `timeout`: subcommand timeout, to avoid stalling checks (defaults to 2 seconds);
* `target_name`: human-readable name of the target of the check (automatically set by the `name` option if using `Host` instances).
In addition some checks have specific options, see lib/ for examples.
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