Commit aea08760 authored by Colomban Wendling's avatar Colomban Wendling

Add a check list class to ease adding tests

parent a77f9cbc
......@@ -165,20 +165,21 @@ class Host(object):
return '<Host ipv4="%s" ipv6="%s">' % (self.ipv4, self.ipv6)
def genChecks(check, dests):
return [check(d) for d in dests]
class Checks(list):
def add(self, check, dests):
self += [check(d) for d in dests]
mail = Host(ipv4='', ipv6='::1')
web = Host(ipv4='', ipv6='::42')
alsace = Host(ipv4='', ipv6='::1')
checks = \
genChecks(CheckDNSZone, ["", ""]) + \
genChecks(CheckPing4, [mail, web]) + \
genChecks(CheckPing6, [mail, web])
# genChecks(CheckSMTP4, [mail, alsace])
# genChecks(CheckSMTP6, [mail, alsace])
checks = Checks()
checks.add(CheckDNSZone, ["", ""])
checks.add(CheckPing4, [mail, web])
checks.add(CheckPing6, [mail, web])
# checks.add(CheckSMTP4, [mail, alsace])
# checks.add(CheckSMTP6, [mail, alsace])
if __name__ == '__main__':
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