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Tidy README Markdown syntax

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......@@ -43,15 +43,15 @@ Python tool
ClawsMail `accountrc` file and extract the address/password information from
each account in it.
The usage is very simple, use either::
The usage is very simple, use either:
python ~/.claws-mail/accountrc
python 'encryptedpassword'
This will give you something like this::
This will give you something like this:
$ python ~/.claws-mail/accountrc
password for is "mysecretpassword"
......@@ -80,7 +80,7 @@ derivates, it'll be ``apt-get source claws-mail``. You also need `make` if you
want to use the Makefile (otherwise check the source code, there is a little
comment on how to build).
To build the thing, use::
To build the thing, use:
make CLAWSMAIL_SRC=/path/to/claws-mail/src
......@@ -91,7 +91,7 @@ but it doesn't support the `-k` switch, the key is builtin.
If you need to decrypt a password from a FreeBSD version of ClawsMail but you
don't build on FreeBSD, you need to define the `NEED_DES_ECB` C preprocessor
constant. You can use::
constant. You can use:
make CLAWSMAIL_SRC=/path/to/claws-mail/src CFLAGS='-DNEED_DES_ECB'
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