Commit 48141b02 authored by glucas's avatar glucas

Change binary (and check definition) for check OpenVPN.

parent 659462e1
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ available under Debian in package `nagios-plugins-basic`.
The DNS zone check calls [Bortzmeyer's](
(introduced [here](
The OpenVPN check calls [Liquidat's](
......@@ -259,15 +259,15 @@ class CheckSMTP6(CheckSMTP, Check6):
class CheckOpenVPN(Check):
def build_command(self):
command = ['/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_openvpn',
'-p', "443",
'--timeout', str(self.timeout),
return command
def check(self):
command = ['/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_udp',
'-H', self.dest,
'-p', "1194",
'-m', "1",
'-M', "ok", # actualy just having a reply is enough
'-s', "\x38\x01\x01\x01\x01\x01\x01\x01\x42",
'-e', "@",
'-t', str(self.timeout)]
command = self.build_command()
return self.exec_with_timeout(command, timeout=self.timeout + 1)
......@@ -279,6 +279,21 @@ class CheckOpenVPN6(CheckOpenVPN, Check6):
class CheckOpenVPNTCP(CheckOpenVPN):
def check(self):
command = self.build_command()
command.insert(1, '-t')
return self.exec_with_timeout(command, timeout=self.timeout + 1)
class CheckOpenVPNTCP4(CheckOpenVPNTCP, Check4):
class CheckOpenVPNTCP6(CheckOpenVPNTCP, Check6):
class CheckJabber(Check):
def check(self):
command = ['/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_jabber',
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